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November at the Cathedralcathedral-redAt the Cathedral, during the month of November, a number of events are planned both to remember our dead and, by floodlighting the building in red, to bring to mind the plight of persecuted Christians, particularly in the Middle East. 


Jubilee Year of Mercy

Jubilee Year of Mercy – Sunday 13 November Special Mass 6:30 pm with

Fr Gerry Drummond

Welcoming particularly all those who have

lost a baby during pregnancy or after birth, an infant or a child

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Music at the Cathedral & Holy Cross 

Lunchtime Recitals

alex fishburn recitals
Alex Fishburn – 1 pm, 19 Oct  Giacomo Banella – 1 pm, 26 Oct
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Fr Patrick Daly – new Assistant Priest Chris Chandler – Steward of the Gospel
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Sr Nuala Gannon’s Farewell Party

Fr Gerald Gostling Reports from South Africa

JUNE 2016 “GENERAL LETTER” From your man in South Africa

Greetings midway through 2016, to my family, such a wonderful treasure; to the great and loyal friends who support our work with your interest, your prayers, your support and encouragement, in clothes and food, finance, advice, and in many other ways. I hope this finds you well, but however life is for you be assured of my prayers and remembrance at Mass. gostlingAll the volunteer team members and children and youth also pray for you even though they do not know you personally! What they do know and are very grateful for is that the care and love they get is made possible by the generosity of a wider family.

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Cathedral Celebrates its Silver Jubilee

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Confirmandi – 2016 confirmandiOur parish confirmation group .. confirmed 15 May 2016

New Confirmation Course in Autumn

Welcome to the website of the Cathedral of St Mary and St Helen with Holy Cross Warley. The Cathedral is the mother church of the Diocese of Brentwood, as well as being the home of the vibrant Cathedral Parish here in Brentwood. The Cathedral and the church of Holy Cross, Warley are now united in a single parish. Please enjoy your tour of our website, and we look forward to greeting you at one of our many services and other parish activities. Fr Martin Boland .. Dean of the Cathedral and Parish Priest at Brentwood Cathedral and Holy Cross Church, Warley