Mass Attendance Registration Card




The continuing pressure on places at Catholic schools is a sure sign of the generally very high regard in which these schools are held.

However, while more and more parents are expressing a wish to have their children educated in these schools, it is sadly  the case that some parents may have only a very tenuous connection with their local Catholic congregation. If places were to be given to children of these families then it could be that other practicing Catholics might have to be excluded from the very schools originally established to serve their educational and spiritual needs.

For this reason and in the interests of fairness, the Diocese of Brentwood now insists that local Parish Priests issue a “Certificate of Catholic Practice” to parents or guardians of children applying for places in local Catholic schools, whether at primary or secondary level. 

The form shown above is for the use of parents or guardians of children who will be applying in October for either Year-R (Reception), Year-3 or Year-7 entry to a Catholic primary or secondary school. 

This registration card, which will need to be signed by a member of the Clergy at the end of Mass, will provide evidence of the practice of your faith and, when the time comes, will make the process of receiving a “Certificate of Catholic Practice” much simpler and equitable. 

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Clergy House on 01277 265235.

Please collect a card from the Cathedral or Holy Cross, or download a copy for home printing by clicking the link below.

Please Note … Only ONE from is needed per family and not one for each child of the family. 

Click to Download a PDF Version for Home Printing