Sacraments – Baptism

Jesus’ final command to his followers ‘Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded to you’ – Matthew 28:19

The Sacrament of Baptism is the sacred moment when an individual is drawn into the life of God and begins to share in His life, through the community of the Church.

Most baptisms are of infants and therefore it is important that parents, who are responsible for nurturing the faith of their children and their relationship with the Church, understand what this sacrament means.

Supported by the parish community, parents have a special role in ensuring that the light of faith given to their child on the day of their baptism is kept burning brightly afterwards.baptism

The Baptismal Programme will consist of four stages for parents who want their children to receive the sacrament of baptism:

Stage 1 … A meeting with Father Martin

Stage 2 … Attending the two sessions of the baptismal programme which are led by Deacon Quentin Hall and Mrs Valerie Hall

Stage 3 … Booking a time and date for the baptism itself

Stage 4 … A member of the parish clergy will contact the family personally Please Note that Stages 1, 2 and 3 must be done in the above order

Stage 1 ~ Meetings with Fr Martin

Parents need to contact the parish secretary, Mo Ruston, (office hours, 9am until 2pm, please on 01277-265235), to book a meeting with Father Martin.

The meetings with Fr Martin, which will take place on Sundays in the Conference Centre (not the Parish Hall – except if marked), will begin promptly at 5.00 pm and last for about an hour.

The next meetings will be on:

Sunday 10 September 2017
Sunday 15 October 2017
Sunday 12 November 2017 .. (NB Change of date) 
Sunday 14 January 2018
Sunday 11 February 2018 .. (NB Change of Date)
Sunday 18 March 2018
Sunday 8 April 2018 .. in the Large Parish Hall .. (NB Change of date & venue)
Sunday 13 May 2018
Sunday 17 June 2018
No dates in July .. (NB Changed)
No dates in August
Sunday 16 September 2018
Sunday 14 October 2018
Sunday 11 November 2018 … (NB Changed)

Stage 2 ~ Sessions for Parents

The Baptismal Programme consists of two sessions for parents. These sessions take place in the Cathedral Parish Hall at 8.00 pm.

The next dates for these meetings are on:

Monday 11 Sept & Monday 18 Sept 2017
Monday 23 Oct & Monday 30 Oct 2017
Monday 27 Nov & Monday 4 Dec 2017
Monday 15 Jan & Monday 22 Jan 2018
Monday 19 Feb & Monday 26 Feb 2018
Monday 19 March & Monday 26 March 2018
Monday 16 April & Monday 23 April 2018 – (NB Change of Date)
Monday 21 May & Monday 28 May 2018 – (NB Change of Date)
Monday 18 June & Monday 25 June 2018
No dates in July- (NB Changed)
No Dates in August
Monday 17 Sept & Monday 24 Sept 2018
Monday 15 October & Monday 22 October 2018
Monday 19 November & Monday 26 November 2018

Stage 3 ~ Book Date of Baptism Only on completing stage 1 and stage 2 can parents contact the parish secretary and book a date for their child’s baptism

Stage 4 ~ Contact the Family The member of clergy who is to celebrate the sacrament will make contact with the family before the baptism itself We are happy to welcome prospective parents to attend both Fr Martin’s meeting and the preparation course before the birth of the baby