Anniversary of the Parish Covenant

The Cathedral Parish of St Mary & St Helen, Brentwood


The Anglican Parish of St Thomas of Canterbury, Brentwood

Fr Colin Hewett, Parish Priest of St Thomas’, with Deacon Quentin Hall from the Cathedral were joined by Fr Ossie Trellis, from St Thomas’, at a service held in St Thomas’ Church on Sunday 26th January 2014, when the Covenant between our two parishes was celebrated

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Deacon Quentin spoke eloquently in his sermon on our common Christian inheritance and our ongoing need to work together in the name of Christ


Representatives from our two parishes reaffirmed our commitment to uphold our covenant

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With sincere thanks to Fr Colin and all those who helped to make this such a moving service

Our Covenant

We commit ourselves:

– to pray for each other and with each other and to ask the faithful of our communions to pray for one another especially at Mass.

– to seek to remove any obstacle to union whilst maintaining the traditions of our communions.

– to pray for unity in the Church, with the special intention that one day we will both be able to share the Eucharistic Communion at the same altar.

– to pray together for peace, justice, dignity and solidarity for our society and for the resolution of hostilities in other parts of the world.

– to pray for the leadership of our Churches; for wisdom and prudence in response to the needs in our dioceses, the nation and the world.

– to support those who live an Anglican-Roman Catholic covenant in their families. to collaborate in planning liturgical, educational, and social programmes and sharing physical and human resources whenever possible.

– to seek unity in teaching the Christian moral life.

– to support the proclamation, the living out and the annual renewal of this covenant.

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