Cathedral livesimply Award

live simply

livesimply week … 2-10 July 2016

As part of our on-going commitment to the ideas behind the livesimply scheme

The Cathedral is having a week of activities 2-10 July – DETAILS

Brentwood Cathedral as a livesimply parish

As a livesimply parish we are committed to the three Christian values, to live:

  • simply
  • in solidarity with people in poverty
  • sustainably with creation

A fantastic parish!

Obtaining the livesimply award in 2013 was a proud achievement for our parish, (the first Cathedral to gain the award) recognising the fantastic work that takes place within our community. simplyYet we do not rest on our success! We look for new ways in which we can live by the Christian values of livesimply and so in the past year the Parish has taken two simple but significant steps:

  • Recycling facilities have been introduced into the Parish Hall, Parish Office and Clergy House
  • The Parish has been recognised as Fairtrade Parish

If you have suggestions on how we can continue to grow as a livesimply parish please speak to Oliver Rowe, a member of the Parish Pastoral Council, who can be contacted at or come along to the Information Evening on Thursday 7 July in the Conference Centre at 7.30 pm.

What can I do?

You may not be able to do everything during livesimply week but everyone can do something. It’s a great opportunity for the parish to show its commitment to living simply so that others may simply live. Thank you for your continued support throughout the year.

GET INVOLVED – livesimply week

Saturday 2 July Enjoy the Environment – Come along to the parish annual Walk, Mass and Picnic at Thorndon Park. Details in the newsletter

Sunday 3 July Recycle Gadgets, Jewellery, Stamps, Currency – Hunt in drawers and down the back of the sofa. Full details of the collection are in the newsletter

Monday 4 July Save Water – Turn off the taps, short showers, use a water butt in the garden

Tuesday 5 July Make it Personal – Take time to reflect on the livesimply prayer and ask yourself, “What can I do differently?”

Wednesday 6 July Love Food, Hate Waste – Look out for sustainable foods, reduce your food waste

Thursday 7 July Find Out About livesimply – Come along to the information evening at 7.30 pm at the Conference Centre

Friday 8 July Fair Trade Friday – Use only Fair Trade tea, coffee, sugar and chocolate

Saturday 9 July Good Times Made Simple – Cut down the time you spend on gadgets and free up time to enjoy with others

Sunday 10 July Walk to Mass – Reduce your carbon footprint and consider if you can leave the car at home or share a lift?

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