The Sacrament of Marriagewedding

Couples wishing to get married in either the Cathedral or Holy Cross should arrange to see the parish priest and Dean of the Cathedral, Father Martin, at Clergy House.

Please contact the Parish Office initially

At least six months’ notice is generally required in order to allow sufficient time for the preparation of couples who must either reside in the parish or regularly worship here.  

Because of the large number of requests to get married at the Cathedral or abroad, the only couples who can be accommodated at the Cathedral are those who meet the following conditions:
(i) where, at least, one partner is a baptised Catholic
(ii) where, at least, one partner is resident in the Cathedral parish and is a parishioner
(iii) where, if not resident in the parish, there is a very strong link to the parish, for example, they were raised in the parish and their parents are resident here. 

N.B. – Just having attended one of the parish schools would not be considered a strong enough link.

Couples should also note that only sacred or suitable classical music may be sung/played at weddings in either the Cathedral or Holy Cross.  The Cathedral Music Office will do all they can to help in your choice of appropriate music.
In order to maintain the very high standard of music in the parish, the Cathedral Music Department normally provides both the organist and/or the soloist for weddings.