Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Council

What is the role of the Parish Pastoral Council?

Parish Pastoral Councils are an expression of our shared responsibility and service to our communities; and the role of the PPC should be to:
• Promote the Church’s mission to live and communicate the love and values of Christ, and to share in the responsibility for the ongoing life and development of our parish communities
• It also has a very important role in advising and supporting our Clergy

How should the Parish Pastoral Council fulfil its role?

• By gathering information and by listening to the concerns of parishioners
• By responding sympathetically to any identified issues
• By encouraging and supporting existing groups within the parish
• By supporting parishioners as members of the wider Christian community
• By planning for the future of the parish by setting achievable pastoral goals

What qualities are required of pastoral councillors?

• Commitment to Christ and the Church and specifically to our parish communities
• Openness to listen to concerns and to evaluate problems
• Willingness to work in a team with a positive and hopeful outlook
• Councillors need sufficient time, energy and reliability both in attendance and in addressing tasks
• Loyalty both to our Clergy and to one another
• Willingness to serve for a time and then to let go as necessary

What is the process for finding new Parish Pastoral Council members?

We currently have a full Council. While there is no set process for finding new members, a very useful method might be for you as a parishioner to propose for consideration either yourself or someone else, whom you feel would fit the above criteria.

This could be done by contacting any member of the Council or Fr Martin via Clergy House or by pressing the link below:

Contact the Parish Council Via Clergy House


Fr Martin Boland – Dean of the Cathedral
Helen Brown (Chair) Fr Patrick Daly
paul-c quentin
Paul Conrad (Permanent Deacon) Quentin Hall (Permanent Deacon)
simon-c Oliver Rowe
Simon Conrad Oliver Rowe
joseph-manuel ppc
Joseph Manuel
Mo Ruston michal lestrange
Mo Ruston (PA to Fr Martin) Michael L’Estrange (Finance)

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