Welcome to the RCIA – Journey in Faith

vigilOur RCIA Candidates for 2017-18 after Baptism & Confirmation at the Easter Vigil – 31 March 2018

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A Message from Fr Martin Boland

Parish Priest & Dean of the Cathedral

What is the Journey in Faith programme?

The Journey in Faith programme is a series of weekly informal meetings that provide knowledge and spiritual guidance to help those adults who wish to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church. The programme runs annually commencing in September each year and ends at Easter the following year at the Easter Vigil – on Easter Saturday night.

Who can join?

The programme continues to attract a wide variety of individuals from the local Brentwood community across all ages and backgrounds, united only in their wish to enjoy full membership of the Catholic Church and thereby further their spiritual journey.

How do I join?

Just come along to the first introductory session on Thursday 20 September at 8.00 pm 2018 in the Conference Centre.(Meetings are normally in the Cathedral Small Hall.) 

At this first meeting, you will meet the team and be given a feel of how the course runs. So just show up on the 20 September – it’s as simple as that.

Who is involved in the delivering the programme?

The programme is led by me and Father Patrick Daly, the priests here at Brentwood Cathedral. We are assisted by Deacon Paul Conrad and a committed group of helpers who will provide you with information and resources and more importantly spiritual guidance and mentoring over the next year as you complete your journey.

Once you join the programme, you will have one of our helpers assigned to you as a mentor. Please use the opportunity to learn from their experiences and listen to their witness, they all have a journey in faith to share with you and you will find that they will share it gladly and generously.

What is the structure of the meetings?

The nature of the programme consists of a series of weekly meetings, starting at 8pm on 20 th September 2018. The meetings are usually held at the Small Church Hall at the Cathedral on Thursday evenings, commencing at 8pm. (NB Exceptionally the meeting on 20 September will be in the Conference Centre which is near the Hall) The meeting will involve a main talk for the evening, followed by a refreshment break, then a break out into small discussion groups where the topic for the evening is discussed. After that, there will be a brief question and answer session. Finally, there will be a prayer session. The meetings last for about an hour and a half.

The timetable is shown in the events calendar page – details


At each weekly meeting there will be a topic covered by a Speaker. That will usually be one of the priests from the parish. On other occasions the speaker will be Deacon Paul or one of our helpers. We are also lucky to have external visitors come in over the programme to add variety and extra information.

Discussion groups

After the main talk and refreshments the meeting will break out into discussion groups where the topic for the evening can be discussed in smaller groups. Most people find speaking in groups awkward at first, and feel embarrassed they might say the wrong thing. Please don’t be, your journey in faith will involve you asking all sorts of questions and addressing all sorts of issues in your own life. The programme is there to provide support to enable you to do so successfully.

Resources available to you

There is a fair amount of material to cover over the programme but please don’t be intimidated by this. If there is anything about the material you feel you need help with, please contact one of programme helpers who are there to help you understand and absorb the material over the course of the programme.

Contact outside of the weekly meetings

Please keep in touch with the programme through the website. As it develops we hope that it will be a source of information and inspiration to you. Please also feel free to make personal contact with any of the helpers on the course through direct contact. Appropriate contact details will soon be on the website once the course commences. Our aim is for you to feel supported and assisted at all times.


Some of those who have completed the RCIA course in the past, have volunteered to share their experiences on the programme with you. Please look at their testimonials. They are people just like you. They have accepted that their life can be fulfilled by accepting Christ into their lives through the Catholic Church and by following the path through life that he laid out for us.

Here is just a small selection of some of the testimonials that some of the course’s recent participants have given

“The Journey of Faith course has taught me a lot but most of all that my journey as a catholic is only just beginning. I also couldn’t have been more wrong about the Cathedral; it couldn’t be a more friendly and welcoming place to attend mass, with so many warm faces who are helping you develop as a person and a catholic. “

“The course was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I found it fascinating and it was great to start from scratch and learn everything about the catholic faith and understand what made it different to what I had been taught previously.”

“The programme ‘Journey in Faith’ is well named, because at the end of it, one part of your journey through life ends, and a new section of it starts, with Christ guiding your path for the rest of the way. “

“With a beautiful family and a long list of things to be thankful for, there was still something missing. This is what compelled me to explore the programme. I am extremely glad that I turned up at that first meeting. Without it I would not have the knowledge, perspective and feeling of satisfaction I have today. My life has been changed forever for the better.”

“The Journey in Faith programme has enabled me not only to learn so much about becoming a catholic, but it also really helped me to integrate to the Brentwood community. The programme has changed my life in many ways, some very subtle. I have gained more happiness, peace and a sense of belonging. Thank you.”

These are powerful testimonials from ordinary people who have completed the course over the past few years. They are local people just like you. If you would like to speak to someone about the programme privately, please contact the Cathedral Office and someone will call you back as soon as possible.

We look forward to meeting with you on the programme and to accompany you on your own Journey in Faith.

Fr Martin Boland
Clergy House
Brentwood Cathedral
Ingrave Road
Essex CM15 8AT